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Backwards Corp

About Us

Backwards Corporation is the newest sublimation printing and custom apparel company.

Our company name is a reflection of the process involved in creating the clothing.  Literally everything is printed Backwards before being heated on correctly.

All of our sublimation printing is done in house at our facitlity in La Crosse, Wisconsin.  We currently just finished the construction process and will be releasing designs on a regular basis so please check back. 


Moving forward through a Backwards world. 


Backwards Corporation is collaboration of art, graphics, beliefs, and lifestyles center on uniqueness and ingenuity.

Our mission at Backwards Corp. is to reinvent the apparel industry by transforming it into wear-able art. The intention of Backwards Corp. is to preserve the individualistic imaginations so many of us losedue to group think processes and stresses of today's society. 


Backwards Corp. is a proud supporter of underground undiscovered artists of past, present, and future.***  The tradgedy with art is most no one appreciates it for what it's truly worth and the time it takes to create.  Few artists profit directly from their creations and usually for a fraction of the actual "worth."  Or like most past famous artist aren't appreciated until they are dead. 

Instead of setting out to sell a million dollar original that will hang on a wall somewhere collecting dust in a museum. I am setting out to promote art and spread ideas at a more tangible level.  I started this company simply from seeing friend's and aquintences hidden art collections.  Art isn't meant to be stashed away to die but to be seen and shared by all. 


I personally never would have imagined I would be in the fashion industry.  But I do believe the greatest things are not planned but stumbled upon.  My goal at Backwards Corporation is to Johnny Appleseed the world with unique custom illustrations that spark thought, conversation, or emotion.


  Most clothing is simple and merely an advertisment.  With the use of sublimation printing, we transform apparel into detailed canvas. Now with the ability to print in High def resolution any artwork can be printed.  We also have the ability to print with black light glowing florescents.


***If you have illustrations you would like to share with the world, I would gladdly take a look and be willing to promote and even set up possible commissions.  Feel free to contact me.***


Strength lies in numbers.

So join the movement.

Dont be left behind!